Seems Like Forever

Have you been driving in San Pedro lately? Maybe wanted to go to Pacific Diner for breakfast or grab some Busy Bee and head over to the Korean Bell?

The usual route was to take Western all the way down past 25th, but if you notice past the park and the tide pools the road is completely closed. So instead you must make your way through a detour all the way back, through the neighborhoods. On November 20, 2011 approximetly 600 feet of road collapsed on Paseo Del Mar in San Pedro. It has been over a year now, and the street is still closed off and nothing has been fixed. Paseo Del Mar is a main street that runs all the along the coast of San Pedro leading to Palos Verdes, if you take this road you will notice how it literally goes up and down, it seems as if the road is going to end up in the ocean at any point. And that is exactly where it will end up, in years to come if the city does not maintain it correctly. If you’ve ever driven through Portuguese Bend,Paseo Del Mar is a very similar road. They both have similar issues with road movement and are constantly being repaired. This brings up the issue, is the city maintaining our roads correctly? It could be disastrous if they would have to close down Palos Verdes Dr. South or Portuguese Bend, which are main roads leading to Palos Verdes. Depending on the option they choose to repair it, the total damages could cost $6.7 million to $51.3 mil. They have 3 options to fix the landslide area, construct a bridge, make a graded roadway, or completely restore the roadway. I for one have complete trust in our representatives making the right decision to repair our beloved road.

It is now time for our representatives to make a tough decision on the best way to repair the landslide area and also the entire street of Paseo Del Mar.Best of luck in making that decision.

Thanks for Reading,
Gordon Inman
The Inman Team
Broker/Owner of Keller Williams LA Harbor


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