Tips for Creating your REALTOR® Brand

In today’s industry, it is all about selling your self. Selling your knowledge, your personality, your experience, etc. You have to be able to create a brand for yourself. This goes for any industry, but especially for the competitive Real Estate Market. Here are some tips on creating your Realtor brand.

1. Find your niche.  Figure out what sets you apart.  Is it short sale expertise? Deep knowledge of Craftsman homes? Concierge customer service? Decide carefully. Your niche needs to be something you can stay passionate about throughout your career.

2. Know your client base.  Who are you trying to appeal to? “Everyone” is not really an effective target audience, but “buyers looking for high-end modern design in Orange County” is. Don’t go too narrow, but be specific enough to have a clear, recognizable specialty.

3. Be the kind of REALTOR® your client wants.  Yes, your brand is about you, but you’re also creating an image that clients want to be associated with. Do your clients perceive themselves as value shoppers, architecture fanatics, hip urbanites? What are you offering that is valuable to them?

4. Conceptualize your brand. Once you discover your niche, who your clients are and what you have to offer, figure out how all of this—your brand—is going to look. Everything you present to the public–the paper you use for your mailings, the photos you use on your website or blog, the fonts you choose–should reinforce your brand. If you are not a visual person, hire a designer to help you create a professional look.

5. Consider a tagline.  The right slogan can help position you in your niche and will strengthen clients’ association between you and whatever that niche is. Go for something short, memorable and professional. Run it by a few others for a reality check.

6. Keep it unified.   Whether you’re reaching clients via social media, newspaper ads, flyers, or a website, your promotional materials should have a unified look and feel. If you have a tagline or a logo, make sure you put it on everything.

7. Establish yourself as an expert.  Do whatever you can to establish yourself as the go-to person for your niche. If it’s green housing, for example, give seminars on eco-friendly gardening choices, write articles on green building materials for a local newspaper or website, and link to articles about green homes on Twitter or Facebook.

8. Network with REALTORS® with a similar brand. Other REALTORS® with a similar niche are a good source for marketing ideas. See if you can develop a marketing synergy with REALTORS® from other parts of the country to share tips and promotional ideas.

9. Use testimonials from satisfied clients.  Help reinforce your brand with client testimonials focused on whatever it is you are offering. If you’re the “Short Sale Expert,” for example, use testimonials that illustrate how your specialized knowledge of the complicated short sale process made the transaction easy and clear.

10. Use your brand as a structure for business.  Your brand is an outline and will help guide you in your business decisions. If something doesn’t fit within the guidelines of the brand you’ve established, it probably doesn’t belong. A smart, well-conceived brand will keep you clear and focused on your goals.

Do you have any tips you use to market your brand?


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