10 Home Maintenance Tips for Spring

Here are some great tips for home maintenance by MyBlogGuest

Roof Inspection-
It is very important to make sure that you visit the roof of your house and inspect it to see what needs to be done. If you find yourself uncomfortable with climbing up, you can hire a contractor to carry out the inspection on your behalf. The most critical areas to look for are the places where the roof connects with walls and condition of the shingles. If you see any damage, make an effort to repair those areas.

Inspect downspouts and gutters-
When inspecting these two areas, the most critical places to check are where fasteners have been used as they tend to get lose during winter. Once they get lose, the gutter run sags and this is what you need to repair.

Inspect gates and fences-
The ground becomes too wet during winter, the soil becomes lose and this means that the posts used to support the fence will wiggle. As you go along the fence, shake each individual post to see how firm it is. If weak, wait till the ground dries and add concrete to give more support and all should be well.

Cleaning the yard-
The yard does not sustain so much damage other than dirt accumulation and this is what you need to deal with. If you have trees in the yard, note if there are any broken branches than trim them off. Collect all dirt in the yard and dispose of all the dry leaves fallen from the trees.

Air conditioners and fans-
For the fans, check to make sure that no water leaked to them and it is always wise to uncover them and clean them. For the air conditioners, they should be inspected just to make sure that no debris found its way to their interior as it would damage the delicate machines. Should any be found, immediate removal is recommended.

The sprinklers-
Turn the sprinklers on and let them complete one or two cycles and watch how they are behaving. You will no doubt note that some water is hitting the wrong places and these are the sprinklers that need to be adjusted. In some cases, all they have is a bit of dirt and removing the dirt will set them back to normal working condition. Any damaged ones should be replaced.

Faucet covers and vent blocks-
Once the harsh winter is gone; open up the faucet covers and vent blocks to see if the winter did any damage. The main thing to look for is whether the vent blocks allowed any water to get in and if so, take measures to restore it to its normal state.

Check the yard tools-
There are so many yard tools that need to be inspected and repaired to make sure they are ready for service during the summer. The good news is that not much has to be done and all you need to do is fasten them, sharpen the cutting ones and power the electric ones to confirm they are still working. Any damaged ones should be repaired.

Furnace filters-
During winter, you most likely used a lot of heating and this means that the furnace filters are full of smoke. If you have a centralized air conditioning system; it is also possible to find the filters full of dust. These are the two reasons that make it very necessary to change the filters as summer begins.

Inspect smoke detectors-
It is important to make sure that winter did not freeze your smoke detectors. Take some time and check their covers and batteries, power them on to see that they are working and you are done with getting your home ready for summer.


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