Using Pinterest for Real Estate

Pinterest is one of the most entertaining apps available, Ill find myself on it for an hour before bed. And im not the only one its not just used for your entertainment many businesses are catching on.

if your not using Pinterest for your real estate listings, your missing out on one of the best ways to get traffic to your website. People love pictures, and to share their ideas, pin and re-pin. In fact, some Realtor’s state that they get more traffic coming from Pinterest than they do anywhere else, simply because they have a strong Pinterest presence, and high quality pictures of their homes. Each pin that you post, if clicked on can connect the pinner directly to your website.

According to Real Estate Social Media Blog, Pinterest is also a great technique for real estate SEO, as each pin and re-pin increases your back-links. The key is linking the picture to your website. Each time the picture is re-pinned the link follows, meaning that when someone down the road clicks on the image, it takes them to your website. This will not only give you more back-links, which will look good to Google, but will also generate more traffic to your website.

Pinterest is made up of a couple of components – the pin, boards, and re-pins. A pin is the picture that you put onto Pinterest. These include descriptions, and a link. You’re going to want to include either a link to your website, or to the listing. Boards are a way to keep pins separated and organized. People make boards, and then organize their pins according to the boards. Re-pins are kinda like re-Tweets. They are people that liked your picture, and pinned it to their wall.

The best way for Realtors to use Pinterest is to organize their pins onto different boards. The boards should be organized by the different areas you cover. For us we have boards for Rolling Hills, Palos Verdes, Rancho Palos Verdes, and San Pedro. Then also add a few boards for things you guys like, re-pins, etc. this will also direct people to your page and they will be able to see your other boards. For your boards, choose Architecture as its category.

The most popular pins to eb re-pinned include elegant bathrooms and kitchens, outside pictures of the home, waterfront views, beach views, and more. If its unique, elegant, or beautiful people will see it and pin it to their wall. Even ugly, funny, and celebrity homes, are good ways to direct attention to your boards.

When making the description for the photo keep it simple and search friendly. You can add the address, but also add key words like “home for sale in Rolling Hills” or “Rolling Hills Real Estate” by adding words like this there more likely to come up when people are searching.

The more you put into it, the more you will get out of it. Pictures on Pinterest can go viral at any second. Another good practice is to post articles, or posts from your blog and then pin the images from the article onto your Pinterest board. The user will then be taken to the article, which has a backlink to your website.

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Enjoy the weekend !

The Inman Team


2 thoughts on “Using Pinterest for Real Estate

    1. Thank you for the feedback & for reading our blog!Using Pinterest to market the property may help spread awareness and get it sold more quickly! Keep us posted on the sale! Good luck!

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