Triple your Amount of Real Estate Deals

First order of business, is to gain leads and market your brand, and be able to negotiate with sellers to get deals done.

Your Attitude

What is your purpose in this business? It is to help others, teach others and educate other. Many people need a real estate agent because they do not understand the market themselves, you are there to open the doors for them to this new world. Understand what you want and what the seller wants . A simple question you can ask the seller is, “What would like to see happen?” By knowing exactly what their expectations are you know exactly what your goal is and how to reach it.

Build Rapport with the Sellers

Rapport- Noun

A close and harmonious relationship in which the people or groups concerned understand each other’s feelings or ideas and communicate well.

Basically build a connection with the sellers, it is not all business, these families are trying to sell a home which can be very emotional for them. If they feel a connection, their more likely to pick you if there are multiple offers on the table. Find things you have in common with the sellers, look at their house; compliment them on what you love about the home. Establishing a level of trust will help you accomplish your goals, and also make your reputation for yourself a good one. Take classes and educate yourself on becoming a better negotiator, the keys to negotiating is Sympathy, Empathy, and Compassion.

The Dirty Word…Real Estate Investor
This tip Rubels says is to never use the word “investor” when negotiating with the seller. He believes Investors have been badly portrayed by the media, as people who steal, and take advantage of people in financial troubles. Although this is not true, you are trying to connect with your seller, and by saying your an Investing company, screams to the seller that you want to tare there house apart and sell it for more than they purchased it for fast.  Rubels suggests instead of investor, try using provider of housing solutions or try to come up with something more friendly.

Their House is their prized possession
People become emotionally attached to their homes, this is where their kids were born and grew up. This is their first home they bought together when they were young. So don’t disrespect their home by saying it is ugly, try saying “ready to renovate” or “ready for your new touches” rather than “old” or “worn-down”. Great negotiation skills will make the difference.

Our biggest advice is to educate your selves, you should never stop reading up on the Market/Real Estate or News or going to classes and attending seminars it will only benefit you & your business. Just this week our team went to Las Vegas to attend the Luxury Homes Retreat, the more we continue to educate ourselves the better we can perform & deliver.


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