The Cutting Edge Your Listing Needs

Video, is the new & modern way to show off your property. It allows buyers to see your listing without actually going to a showing. YouTube has exploded on a global scale, people around the world can now search for homes through the internet and can view homes and go through a virtual walk-through without ever setting foot on the property. This saves sellers & buyers time and money. Buyers can decide on the spot whether the home is right for them without even contacting the seller or agent. Companies such as Captivate video Tours, and other virtual tour companies create high quality video of homes, which is perfect for the real estate industry. These companies also include community tours, house tours, digital business cards, and much more.

“Video is by far the most captivating form of media that we have available,” says Stintzi, owner of Captivate Video Tours. “It’s penetrated every level of marketing and advertising. The proof is all over the place. Agents who make video a priority in their marketing platform sell homes faster than agents who don’t. It makes a huge difference online for websites and social media outfits.

According to NAR, in 2011, more than 70 percent of people listing their homes preferred to list with a REALTOR® who offered video as part of their marketing plan as opposed to one who didn’t. Buyers, on the other hand, are 50 times more likely to view a video online than read text on the same subject.

“Simply put: Consumers want video. Whether they’re buying or selling, they want it,” says Steve Ewing, owner of The Digital Agent and Stintzi’s partner. “These consumer trends directly translate to winning more listings, driving sales, and gaining even more exposure online for your listings and brand.”

“Video tours have been touted as real estate’s next big thing for years now, but have been made largely inaccessible due to budget and time constraints. Projects were simply too expensive or the time allotted to complete them put the option out of reach,” says Stintzi. “Video is unique because it establishes an emotional contact point between your consumers, your brand and your product,” says Stintzi. “We like to be creative and work with a variety of people, but our main focus is on the real estate industry. That’s where we see the biggest needs.”

Virtual tours work great especially if you have a buyer, but they are unsure about the property. Maybe their spouse couldn’t make it to the showing, or they want other family members to check out the property. All you do is send them the link to the virtual tour, and they can view the entire house. Or what about buyers from out of state or even out of the country, they get a full private walk through in the comfort of there own homes.

Here are some tips for an effective Virtual Tour:

  • Make sure you chose a company that makes quality videos- view samples, read reviews. Look for things like how fast the slides move between shots, blurry photos, etc.
  • Talk to your Realtor and see if they do this type of Marketing, if not maybe you need to think about finding a Realtor that is more creative and up-to date in marketing.
  • Decide if you want a Virtual tour made up of still shots, or an actual continuous video.
  • Stage the home, or make sure everything is clean & arranged perfectly. No animals or other people in the shots. Take off anything personal from the fridge, make sure the pool sparkling, the beds are made,etc.. Before shooting, go through a walk-thru of the home, so the photographer knows exactly what to capture.
  • Timing- Shoot the pool & outdoor areas in the evening where the lighting will be perfect. Save the inside of the home for the day where it is bright and clear.
  • Create your own website for the property, featuring the virtual tour

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