Creating your Mobile Marketing Strategy

Make sure your website displays properly on a smartphone and tablet.  If it does not, adjust your strategy.  Either make your site “responsive” to the device on which it’s being viewed – OR – drive mobile traffic to your profile on another responsive site.  For example,advertisers of The Real Estate Book get a mobile optimized profile and the abilityto create a free basic mobile website or an reasonably priced enhanced mobile site.

Use offline tools to drive traffic to your mobile site.  For example, a text or a QR code placed on a yard sign, brochure, a postcard, or an ad will stimulate traffic to your mobile site.  In 2012, advertising pages in The Real Estate Book generated over 300,000 text leads for advertisers. It’s clear that having a call to action placed locally drives response.

SMS text codes placed locally generate more local leads.  Think about your website and those who surf homes online.  You do not know their identity until they decide to register or request more information.  Consumers who have to text a code to see a property are giving you their phone numbers to text them back.   You know who they are right away.

If they text you, respond with a text.   The consumer has chosen their preferred method of communication.  Respect it.  If, after a few texts back and forth, things would be easier explained with a phone call, then call them.  It’s not that you should not call them.  You should just not call them first.  It can be seen as intrusive or pushy.  Instead, text and say, “Did you find the information you needed?  Would you like to know more?”

Mobile leads are leads, not sales.  Recently a local representative told me that not every text lead was converting to business for him.  Let’s set the expectation correctly.  It’s a lead, not a guaranteed sale – or even a conversation.  You still have to work to convert the lead into a conversation, a meeting, some showings, and, hopefully, a sale.  Not every lead you receive from any source always results in a sale.   Also consider that the prospect may be working with another agent and may have that agent set up the showing with you once they’ve determined their interest.  It may end up being a sale, but you might not be aware of the source of the interest.

Use your mobile marketing strategy in YOUR LISTING PRESENTATION.  In survey after survey, home sellers say that the most important service their agent can offer them is marketing their home to potential buyers.  Make sure they know that you are ahead of the curve when it comes to current marketing trends.  It will increase your credibility, your competitive edge, and your listings. When we put together our presentations for our potential clients, we always include about 3 or 4 pages with how we will market there home. The pages usually include the social media websites we use and what advertisements there home will be in. Be sure to specifically write the web address so your clients cant go check out your Facebook page, twitter, Tumblr, Pinterest, Instagram, etc. And for the advertisements put in examples, like if you put homes in the Daily Breeze or DIGS magazine, be sure to bring them a copy of the latest issue with your Ad in it.


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