A Back-to-Basics Look on Photo Blogging for Real Estate Brokers

Photo blogging has been a great marketing tool for a while now. It’s a proven way of showing potential clients the property that you are offering. Established real estate marketers have can attest that photo blogging just doesn’t make their lives easier it also gets to the point.

Here are a few incredibly easy ‘back-to-basics’ tips for photo blogging for new and old real estate agents alike:

  • Take Photos of the Good Stuff
    Since you’re selling a house, it would be a good idea to start off your photo blog by showcasing all the positive and unique aspects of the property that will attract buyers. If, for example, the property lies on a hill, take photos of the scenic view from the top of the hill. Better yet, take photos of the scenery while in the veranda or the deck. These small things may or may not mean a thing for the future property owner but it still gets people visiting your site.
  • Use your Smartphone
    Put your smartphone’s dynamic features to work. Take photos with your phone and take advantage of the multiple photo editing apps to liven up your images. Then, post your images to your blog. Most blogs should have a mobile app or mobile version to easily allow you to add posts with images.
  • Connect with Social Networks
    Take your blog or site traffic to the next level by syncing it with your existing social networks, such as Instagram, Twitter or Facebook. Instagram is an extremely popular photo app that attracts numerous users. Upload your photos to Instagram and share them on your blog, Facebook and Twitter for more exposure. Remember to add hashtags relative to your property photos so that people can find your images easily.

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