Real Estate Marketing with Instagram

Businesses haven’t really taken advantage of the perks and benefits that Instagram offers. This holds true especially for real estate marketing. Due to tough and highly competitive world of marketing homes and houses, having Instagram working for you will truly help. Here are three reasons why you should use Instagram for your business:

  1. Post Photos of Homes for Sale at Lightning Speed.
    • Timing is everything and when you want to sell a house. Many experts believe that timing is everything if you want to make the perfect sale.
    • As long as you have a smartphone and a stable internet connection, you can post photos of houses for sale.
    • You can even play to the strengths of the house that you are selling and post photos pertaining to that using Instagram.
  2. Let #Hashtags Work For You.
    • Hashtags (#) serve as a way to work around the lack of tags in microblogging and social networking websites.
    • If you want to get people to notice your photo, then it would be a good idea to attach various hashtags related to the home in your Instagram post.
    • Putting hashtags on posts will also give your company an advantage in terms of searchability.
  3. Tag Your Location.
    • Placing the location where the home is located is also a great way of marketing a house.
    • The location that you place in your post can greatly boost the sale of your real estate.
    • Best of all, these location tags can easily be spotted when using social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter side-by-side with Instagram.

Not a lot of folks have seen how powerful Instagram can be especially when it comes to marketing and raising brand awareness. This photo sharing application and software has been making waves with a lot of different age groups ever since it picked up steam. We can’t blame them; after all, it lets us show other people the things we see and experience.


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