The First Things You Should Do When Moving Into A New Home

Moving into your new home is a very exciting time. There are so many things to do and so much to remember. Sometimes we don’t stop to think about what priorities should be put first.

Here are a few things you need to add to your what to do first list once you move into your new home.

1. The very first thing you need to do is to change your locks. All of the locks not just the doors. You need to remember to change the locks on all other areas such as an exterior storage door or shed.

2. Change the code to the garage door opener and the garage door keypad if you have one.

3. Change the alarm code to the house.

4. Check all of the plumbing for leaks. Check under the sinks, check for dripping faucets, check for running toilets and check the water heater. A good way to test your home for leaks is to do the following: turn all water sources off, then read the water meter, wait for two hours – don’t turn any water on during those two hours, then read the water meter again. If you have different numbers, then you have a leak and will need to call a plumber unless you have to skills to fix it yourself.

5. Have your carpets cleaned before you move in. Make sure you allow enough time for them to dry.

6. Clean your cabinets inside and out. You never know what has been crawling around in there.

7. Have a pest control company inspect and treat your home. You probably had your house checked for termites as part of the home inspection. But you need to have it inspected and treated for other pests as well.

8. Find the breaker box and learn what breakers go where. And if the breakers are not marked, you will need to label them appropriately. Additionally, teach your entire family how to use it and show them how to turn off the main breaker in case of a fire or any other type of emergency.

9. Locate your water meter. Show your entire family where it is and how to turn off the water, not only at the main, but throughout the individual areas of your house as well in case of a plumbing emergency. In addition, if you are going out of town or if you need to evacuate due to inclement weather, you will need to remember to turn off the water and the electricity to your home before you leave.


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