4 Factors for Effective and Successful e-Newsletters

e-Newsletters have always been a great way to keep in touch. It’s one way to remind past clients of you and your business as well as impress prospects who may convert into clients later on. Below are 4 factors to a successful e-Newsletter.

  1. Reliable Information.
    • Make sure that the information and references you include are up-to-date and reliable.
    • Your readers are interested on how you can help them. That’s most likely one of the reasons they signed up in the first place.
    • You want to let your readers feel thankful that you shared this significant information.
  2. Be Engaging and Creative.
    • Get creative with your subject line! Make your readers want to open your email. Instead of “October Newsletter”, go with “October Newsletter: So You Want to Sell Your House?“
    • Don’t forget about the design. It’s just as important as your content. Use color combinations that are easy on the eyes.
  3. A Touch of You.
    • It’s a given that your e-Newsletter should have a professional voice but it would do more to give it a personal touch.
    • Write the way you’d talk face to face with a client or prospect and add a short anecdote from time to time.
    • If you have people writing for you, you can write an introduction or have your own corner where you’ll share a few words.
  4. Feature a Client.
    • If a client will allow it, feature them and their story in your e-Newsletter. If it’s also possible, have them write a short testimonial.
    • People love to hear about other people’s smooth or successful transactions.
    • Let your prospects think, “Hey, I want that great experience too!”

With these factors applied to your upcoming e-Newsletters, clients will appreciate your expertise and, from your influence, consider you for their real estate business needs when the time arises.


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