Looking back through 125 years of San Pedro History

Every Tuesday we will post a new blog about the History of San Pedro, California!



  • March 1, 1888- The city of San Pedro was officially incorporated. The first Board of Trustees, sworn in four days later, included president E.W. Webster, J.A. Dufresne, N.O. Anderson, E.M. Phelps and Alex Oleson.
  • The newborn city began to take shape as new groups and societies were organized.. Fifth Street School was established during this decade as well as the citys first library and the volunteer Fire Department.
  • In May of 1888, Augustus Timms donated the land for Harbor View Cemetery (22nd & Grand) on the condition that the center plot be aside for him. He claimed that spot only two months later, upon his death.
  • In September of 1888, President Grover Cleveland designated the land for a military reserve that would be the future location of Ft. MacArthur.
  • Seaside Pharmacy, arguably San Pedro’s longest running business, opened its doors in 1889. It remains in operation today at 599 W. 7th St.
  • Plaza Park is dedicated July 31, 1889. The park pavilion would be added in 1892, many celebrations and musical performances would be conducted from the gazebo in the years ahead.
More to come on the History of San Pedro next Tuesday!


*San Pedro Today Magazine


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