How to Yield Better Leads and Results Using LinkedIn

How to Yield Better Leads and Results Using LinkedIn

LinkedIn has been the choice social network for professionals for a number of reasons. It’s not as cluttered as Facebook, it’s not as limiting as the 140 plus character limit for Twitter and more importantly, it’s a source of additional leads to grow your business or network.

People have used this social network in various ways and yielding varying results. Depending on what you intend to do or what you want to accomplish, you might have tried using LinkedIn as well. Ask any company owner or manager, as well as your respective peers, and they will tell you that they have are using LinkedIn to some extent some with dazzling results, others not so much. You can push how LinkedIn can work for you even further. Here are some ideas and motivators you can try out the next time you log-in.

Understand Why You Joined – Many real estate marketers think that the only reason they need to join LinkedIn is because it is another avenue to market or announce new properties. Others think that hanging around LinkedIn for a few minutes a day can automatically generate leads without having to sweat so much. There are even a few who think that LinkedIn is no different from other social networks like Facebook. By knowing your goal, you can be effective in managing your time while plunged inside LinkedIn’s vast network and services.

Groups – It can be very easy to classify your contacts on LinkedIn. It’s twice as easy to expand your chosen network by joining the different LinkedIn groups that are active. The LinkedIn groups do not just open the doors to new people who might potentially be your ally or even a prospective property buyer. They can also be a way to open new ideas and marketing strategies for your business.


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