Six Questions You Must Ask Your Real Estate Agent

Finding the right real estate agent can mean the difference between a quick sale or not making a sale at all.  Therefore, it’s imperative that you ask your potential real estate agent some qualifying questions before you make any type of commitment.   Below are a few questions you must ask if you want to find a reputable, qualified realtor to sell your home quickly and effectively.

1.  Do you have any references?  Always check the references of the person you’re thinking about hiring.  If they aren’t good, find another realtor.  Don’t just settle for the first realtor that comes along, unless your research proves they are in fact the most qualified.

2.  What issues do you see with my home?  A seasoned realtor will be able to quickly spot the potential drawbacks of your home.  And an honest realtor will be willing to be upfront with you and discuss the drawbacks and how they would overcome them.  If a realtor doesn’t point out any flaws, it could be they’re inexperienced or they ‘re just trying to get the contract to sell your home.  You need to find a realtor who will be upfront and honest with you and one who can communicate effectively with you at all times.

3.  How many clients do you have currently?  If you find a realtor that currently has 50 listings, his time may be spread too thin and he may not have enough time to spend marketing your home.  Additionally, if you find a realtor that has too few clients, it could be that he doesn’t have many referrals.  Or it could be that he is new and inexperienced.  In either case, you will have to weigh the facts in order to decide if that person is right for you.

4.  Will you provide me with a CMA (comparative market analysis?)  An experienced realtor will come to your first appointment with a CMA already pre-prepared for you.

5.  Is the area growing or declining?   A good realtor should be familiar with the area and its current trends.  In addition, a seasoned realtor should be able to spot the signs of a neighborhood that is in decline and offer some recommendations to you.

6.  How will you market my home?  Your realtor should perform all the marketing tasks that it takes to sell your home quickly.  That includes listing your home on MLS and as other many internet sites as possible.  They should also have quality pictures and virtual tours taken.  And have printed color flyers and brochures available.  Additionally, they should perform as many open houses as necessary.  If your realtor tells you they don’t do open houses, consider finding another realtor.

Finding the right realtor to sell your home is one of the most important decisions you will need to make.  Hiring the wrong realtor could cost you thousands of dollars and the loss of potential buyers.   Therefore, you should take all the time you need to make an educated decision about who you want representing you and your home.



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