How To Create An Amazing Outdoor Living Space

Have you considered designing an outdoor living space for you and your family? Outdoor living spaces are becoming more and more popular and could actually increase the value of your home.

Before you begin you’ll need to decide how you’ll be using your outdoor living space. Do you do a lot of entertaining? Or perhaps you would like a quiet little nook to relax and read. Here are some great ways to create a unique outdoor living space that will enhance whatever type of lifestyle you choose.

1. Lighting. Lighting will give you the ability to create just about any atmosphere you want. You can install some wall lighting, lights that hang from the ceiling, landscape lighting. And if you use LED lighting, you can even change the color.

I'm obsessed with this look! I main question many outlets do these people have!? We have one outdoor outlet.  Outdoor Lighting Ideas: mason jar lights, tin can lights, cupcake lights, glowing outdoor orbs, twine ball light garland, handing jar lanterns, wine bottle lights #DIY outdoor lighting ideas, #outdoor lightingCindy this looks like what you guys wanted to do... Outdoor lighting and firepit.

2. Water feature. How about putting in a water feature? You can have the soothing sound of water trickling through your garden. Additionally, you could add some Koi for a splash of color and a natural interactive feature to enjoy.

3. Backyard bar. If you do a lot of entertaining, perhaps you could put together an outdoor bar. Depending on your theme, you could design a tiki bar, a martini bar or perhaps something a little more sophisticated.

Like the thick, simple contrasting counter top to balance the naturally busy stone walls  Outdoor Kitchen, looks beautiful, have a look at this side!!

4. Deck. By installing a deck to your outdoor living space could bring you a 77% return on your investment. A deck could be the foundation for the rest of your design whether your design is an outdoor bar or just a simple reading nook. And why stop there, why not add a gazebo while you’re at it and increase the return on your investment even more.

5. Outdoor kitchen & Dining. Adding an outdoor kitchen is a universally useful feature. It can be used for entertaining, a family barbecue or a romantic evening in your new outdoor living space. And you can make it as simple or elaborate as you like.

Outdoor dining by Candleglow  Fun setting

6. Outdoor electronics. Buy an outdoor television and sound system. These are great for your outdoor parties and watching the big game with your friends. Keeping your parties outside is a great way to preserve the interior of your home. You’ll no longer have to worry about things being spilled, stained or broken.

7. Add a Fire Source. If you have a fireplace inside your house, you know it’s where you love to curl up with a good book on a quiet night or where larger groups gather on chilly days. The same is true in outdoor living spaces: A source of fire draws people. If you have the space and budget, consider a full-size version; if not, investigate fire pits, which provide flexibility and affordability. Just check your local building codes to verify fire-safety and placement rules regarding outdoor fireplaces and fire pits before you invest in one.


8. Include a Variety of Seating Options. Benches, chairs, even pint-size stools: As many choices as you can include in an outdoor living space will help family and friends enjoy it. Scaled-down kid versions allow little ones to seat themselves, while chairs are a more flexible option — pull two together for a quiet chat or add extras around the table for a big dinner. One tip: Don’t include so many that traffic patterns become cluttered.

Include a Variety of Seating Options  Sunken fire pit

9. Rely on Containers & Pillows for Color.  Pots and Pillows of all shapes and sizes are great options to add dashes of color and texture to outdoor living spaces. Place a few at corners of a deck or patio to establish borders, or use a rotating series of seasonal plants — pansies in spring, daisies in summer, mums in autumn — for an ever-changing color palette. Using Accessories with pops of color is a great freshen up your outdoor space according to the Season, without spending a lot of money.

10. Add Accents to Walls. When used as borders for outdoor living spaces, walls can quickly get boring. Wall containers, planted with trailing vines and blooms, or outdoor-suitable art, such as tin ceiling tiles or salvage outdoor signage letters found at flea markets, are good ways to dress up large stretches of siding or stone.

Add Accents to Walls

There are so many unique ways to create an outdoor living space. Once you’ve designed your space, you can then add the decor to finish it off with your own personal taste and style.


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