Common Mistakes People Commit on Linkedin

Common Mistakes People Commit on Linkedin

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Linkedin is one of the most fascinating places online where you canmarket your property if you are a real estate marketing specialist. It’sgot everything you’ll truly want and much, much more. Imagine a placewhere you can join groups on a specific niche or topic, and fine tuneyour searches for individuals who might just be interested in buyingyour property that’s up for grabs in your area. It’s also a place forlearning and lead generation. The bottom line is, when used properly thesocial media site, Linkedin, can be a very powerful tool. The sadreality is that there are people who make huge blunders when trying tomarket something through Linkedin. Here is a compilation of some ofthose things:


  1. Giving with Expectation
    If youwant to raise good will and earn good recommendations on Linkedin, youreally have to make an effort and give first. It doesn’t matter if youfeel like your recommendation does not read right, as long as it makessense, people will appreciate it; after all, it’s not easy fishing out arecommendation on Linkedin.
  2. Not Giving
    Peoplecommit the mistake of ignoring pleas for recommendations from theircontacts on Linkedin. Don’t go there. Be the better and kinder person bymaking sure that you answer and provide recommendations to people whoyou feel either deserve it, or somebody you know who can really benefitfrom a well-meaning recommendation.
  3. This is Not Facebook
    Leaveyour shenanigans on Facebook or Twitter. Linkedin has this distinctionof being a professional playground or a place where professionals liketo hang out and meet people working in the same industry or at least anindustry related to theirs. Posting about last night’s drunken anticswill not earn you any friends, it might even make people look at you in adifferent light. The same goes for posting inappropriate photos.

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