Increase your Real Estate Blog’s Value the Right Way

Posted on October 17, 2013 by  |Agent Image Real estate Website

Raising your blog’s value can be a tricky thing especially if you are simply relying on yourself. There’s a general rule that experienced real estate marketers follow whenever they are building or rebuilding a real estate blog. These were followed and created because of their effectivity and their positive impact on the blog regardless of time of day.


This article will lay down the foundation  for what you should do whenever you are looking at the possibility or the reality of managing a successful real estate blog.

  1. Say No to Hard SellingHard selling is often frowned upon because it forces people to buy something or take something that they are really not inclined to pick up. If that’s the general tone of all your content, you are more likely to turn people off rather than entice them to return.  Plus it’s also annoying to read the words “Call Now” when reading a nice blog entry.
  2. Use Catchy HeadlinesCatchy headlines factor in if you really want to attention. It works hand in hand with the content that’s written on your blog. Do you think a headline like “30 Million Mansion Up for Sale in Malibu” will catch attention more than “Brad Pitt’s $30 Million Mansion For Sale”? Adding spice to your headlines not only attracts new people but it also reignites the interest on your blogs from people who already know who you are.
  3. Think of the Photos and CaptionsSince there are no laws that prohibit the use of photos on blogs, you may want to liven things up by adding in photos and caption. Remember there’s an old saying “a picture can paint a thousand words” but please, don’t turn your blog post into an extension of Pinterest or Tumblr. Set a limit and don’t forget to include witty or funny captions for each photo that appears on your site.
  4. As Short as Martin ShortSometimes it can be difficult to keep a blog post short. It’s either you’ve got a lot of things to say about the topic. Other times the sheer amount of information that needs to be mentioned or discuss is just too much. That’s not a problem if you’re writing for the American Medical Journal, but that’s not what can be said for blogs. Today’s users and visitors do not want to spend so much time reading blogs hence the inception of the slang “tl;dr” which is “too long; didn’t read”. Don’t fall victim to this pitfall by keeping the post word count to around 300 to 400 words tops.

There’s a lot more tips that Agent Image can provide for you. Our staff can not only provide quick tips that you can apply or practice, we can even improve the look and feel of your website. Send us an email at and our staff will be ready assist you in any way they can.


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