Foolproof Ways To Sell Your Home Quickly

After you’ve decided to sell your home, you want to get it sold and sold quickly. But exactly how do you go about selling your home quickly and for top dollar? Well, there are several things you must do if you want your home to sell quickly.

2 Buggy Whip- 3 Pool at sunset

1. Find a sellers agent you’re comfortable with and trust. Then you must do exactly what your agent tells you to do. A seller’s stubbornness on certain key issues can delay the sales process and could cost you thousands of dollars in profit. You have to trust that your agent’s experience and know how will get the job done and that he’s doing everything in your best interest. Remember, your agent doesn’t get paid until your home sells; therefore, he’s as motivated as you are to get your home sold.

2. You must keep the price of your home in line with the current market. Otherwise, your listing will become stale and buyers will begin to think there’s something wrong with your home and this may keep you from getting top dollar. Another great strategic marketing method is to price your home below market value to attract multiple offers and in essence create a bidding war. Many times you’ll get an above market offer because each buyer will try to outbid the other.

3. Don’t skimp on your online marketing. Most buyers will begin their home search online before they even contact a Realtor for the first time. That means you’ll need lots of top quality photos, an attention grabbing headline and a description that stands out from the same old type of descriptions everyone else is using to describe their homes. If you don’t have all of the above, the buyer will skip your ad and move on to one that’s more appealing.

4. Remodeling and upgrading doesn’t always help you sell your home. If your upgrades are going to drive up the price you must get for your home in order to break even, then you may have just priced yourself out of the market. Remember, buyers generally aren’t going to pay more than the current value of the other homes in the neighborhood. Therefore, you have just wasted your time and money on an investment that will not give you a good return value. That doesn’t mean that some upgrades won’t help sell your home, because if you choose the right upgrades they will. Talk to your Realtor about which upgrades would benefit your home and which ones won’t.

5. Take Professional Photos of you home, the photos make a huge difference. Just check out the above photo, this is one of our listings that sold for more than $6,000,000, with the help of that amazing picture we were able to attract buyers to see what this home is all about.

6. Have your home staged, de-cluttered, and thoroughly cleaned. This will make a HUGE difference when a potential buyers comes to see your house. Just imagine a buyer coming in and seeing children’s toys everywhere or dog hair all over the floors, how can they envision their lives in your home when your life and clutter is still there. Try to make the home as clean and simple as possible, allowing the visitor to envision themselves in your home.

There are many different tips and tricks you could use to help sell your home quickly. Contact your Realtor for a complimentary assessment of your home and a list of market comparables in your area.


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