Quirky Social Media Data You Can Use to Improve Marketing

People always claim that there’s an exact science to getting quick results when posting marketing content on social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter. And it’s actually true what they say, but there is a little bit of conflict and confusion on some parts. It might pass as science – a wildly unpredictable and complex science. Here’s how you can put things in perspective; let’s say you’re a doctor and you want to be able to meet every kind of problem your patient has; to do that however you need a hundred different medical licenses and degrees. It’s possible but very tedious and requires time. That’s the same thing with social media; we know that it can be harnessed and predicted but it’s going to take a lot of effort and time.

Still you can still make the most of what you have without having the need to relocate to the Google offices in California. Here are a few quirky tips that will help drastically improve your marketing campaign’s impact on social networks which was first published by the Huffington Post.

1.    There’s Higher Engagement Rates Before the Weekend
Call it boredom or call it human nature, we simply cannot deny the fact that we are happy and more graceful when it’s the weekend. We can’t help it, the thought of having a day or two all for ourselves that makes us all happy and cheerful. Going back, the Post found out from their own research that there’s a slight 18% increase in the number of engagements and comments that happen between Wednesday to Friday.

2.    Brands Get Better Results on Twitter During Weekends
The study also showed that there’s a 17% bump in engagement for the Twitter accounts of branded products and services. This would mean that if you’re a business it would be a good idea to look at spending time on Twitter during the weekends.

3.    On Retweets
The study and the article also swear that there’s a high density of retweets on Twitter starting at 5pm. The Twitter accounts that frequently retweet things are the individuals and accounts that were too busy throughout the day and cannot check their feed.

4.    Ideal Time to Post Tweets
According to a separate study, the perfect time for when you could post things on Twitter is at 12 noon.  This is because people who are on their lunch break get to turn on their Twitter account and feel compelled to share something for their followers.

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Quirky Social Media Data You Can Use to Improve Marketing


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