Who should foot the bill for L.A.’s sidewalk repairs?

A pedestrian walks over a damaged sidewalk in the Rancho Park area of Los Angeles. With an estimated 4,600 miles of sidewalk in L.A. in need of repair, the city set aside $10 million this year for reconstruction.

It’s time for the city to finish the work it promised to do, then return the responsibility of long-term care to property owners.

By The Times editorial board | LA TIMES
Is there a better symbol of Los Angeles’ mismanagement than its miles and miles of sidewalks broken, buckled and twisted by tree roots? These concrete chasms and mini-mountains have made many of L.A.’s walkways nearly impassable for people in wheelchairs or those pushing strollers or those who are less sure-footed. Yet the mayor and City Council have consistently punted on long-term, politically difficult decisions required to address the problem, and their inaction costs taxpayers about $4 million a year to settle trip-and-fall lawsuits.
Now, it looks like the city is finally moving forward. There are an estimated 4,600 miles of sidewalk that need repair, and the city set aside $10 million this year for sidewalk reconstruction; officials anticipate spending the same amount in future years. That is a return to pre-recession funding levels. In addition, Councilmen Mitch Englander and Joe Buscaino are considering putting a $4.5-billion bond measure on the November ballot to pave streets and fix most of the damaged sidewalks…

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