International Buyers like the Southern California Real Estate Market

Read this article we found in the Daily Breeze…

Home buyers outside of the U.S. really like the Southern California real estate market.

A lot, according to the California Association of Realtors “2013 International Clients Survey.”

And they are especially high on Southern California, according to the association.

Of the homes purchased by international buyers last year in California, 35 percent were in L.A. County, 22 percent were in Orange County, 20 percent were in San Diego County and 14 percent were in Riverside County, the association said.

The international community is also a fan of our government and financial system, which I know some will find hard to believe.

Eight five percent of the buyers shopping for homes in the state last year said that they only considered purchasing a home in the U.S. because its stable government and financial system would guarantee their home investment.

Fifteen percent considered investing in other countries, including Canada, Germany, Mexico, China, Singapore, Sweden, and France.

Twenty percent of the buyers said they chose the U.S. for its desirable location and climate.

The survey also found that 69 percent of international buyers paid all cash for their properties, compared to 27 percent of traditional buyers who paid all cash and 32 percent who bought their home to live in.

The international set has an eye for style, too. Forty-four percent of the international home buyers purchased homes with designer kitchens, 26 percent purchased homes with a wine cellar, and 9 percent purchased homes with a sauna. Other home amenities that international buyers wanted include a private beach, putting green, heated floors and outdoor kitchens…



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