What’s Next for Housing in Your Town

NEW YORK (Money Magazine)

By Lisa Gibbs and Amanda Gengler | CNN MONEY

next town tampa

After years of dramatic price changes and sales stats that have vacillated from red-hot to moribund and back again, you could be forgiven for forgetting what a typical housing market looks like. This year, though, you may finally be in for a refresher course.

Researchers are predicting an average price gain of 4.2% — respectable, but a far cry from the 11% average posted in 2013, according to data firm CoreLogic. At the same time, the shortage of for-sale homes should ease, as more would-be sellers get off the fence and construction of new houses continues to pick up. Of course, in reality no market is truly average. Some areas are predicted to grow at more than twice the nationwide rate, while a few will barely tick up. Then there’s the specter of interest rate hikes, which could hit some places harder than others. READ MORE HERE… http://money.cnn.com/2014/04/02/real_estate/housing-market.moneymag/index.html


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