6 Common Mistakes Homebuyers Still Make

Getting a new home is easy but tricky at times. Many buyers are encountering stumbling blocks en route to their chosen house. This is because they commit minor mistakes along the way that hinders smooth processing. This can be prevented only if you are familiar with these common mistakes.

1. Having no pre-arrangements with the bank for mortgages before making an offer is the most popular mistake. Communicate with a bank to know the price range you are capable of paying and other mortgage details that you need to know.

2. Knowing your exact budget is critical. Most people look around for houses even without the budget in mind. First thing you need to know before finding a home to purchase is how much you can pay for a new home. You can save much time if you trim down your list of houses based on its price; imagine finding that dream home only to find out you won’t be approved for the mortgage?

3. Getting unreliable and inexperienced real estate agents is a big no-no. Choose an agent that has the background to back him or her up. Also, consider the real estate companies you are dealing with. Make sure that they have a good standing in terms of the services they are providing.

4. Most people are shopping around within a limited market. You can find homes for sale anywhere such as internet, print ads, and even on TV. You may also want to ask for help from your agent to provide you a list of preferred houses. You can save time if you know what kind of house you are looking for.

5. Purchasing a home long distance without thorough inspection is a mortal mistake. After choosing a home, it is a must to visit it personally so that you can see it in a closer view. Some pictures only show the good angles of the house. It can be very deceiving at times. Check the structure and foundation to ensure safety. Also, look around the neighborhood and get comfortable with it.

6. Buyers tend not to compute the total cost of the house. Other expenses such as home insurance, association dues and even lawyer’s fee for proper documentation of the purchase should be considered. We are not talking about coins here. These range from hundreds of dollars to even thousands. You need to prepare your pocket for it.

Buyers are usually not aware of all the details. It is your home and you are responsible for it. You need to know and understand everything about it, from home warranty to insurances and even the history of the house.


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